Designed to indirectly analyze our society and culture through playful interaction...

Was it a dinner party or a seminar class?  What was the survival kit?

Held at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University June 29th from 6:30-7:45 pm.  Thirteen participants shared dinner and dialogue while playing a game; the game required each question (below) to be matched to a menu item.

Recipes available here.

(Participant souvenir photo; courtesy of Sarah Barr)

Game results by dining group (symbol) and menu item; 
numbers correspond to the number for each question.  The top line is for the shrimp, the next for the fish, etc. (following the order of the menu).

One of the art prints displayed in the classroom space.

Note:  I intentionally do not include documentation of the dialogue as there is no way to represent the experiences had by the participants.  As James Turrell says of his work, this is a "non-vicarious art".  Unlike with reality TV, you can't have a secondary experience by listening in on the conversations that happened in the classroom in Boston.  Further, to me the art was the generative process that occurred there in the classroom.

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